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Chameleon ™ Anti-Photo

Chameleon Anti-Photo Radar License Cover.

Anti-Photo Radar License Cover

The Chameleon anti-photo radar license cover is designed to defeat highway K and Ka photo radar cameras when the camera attempts to photograph your license plate for a "ticket in the mail". It is very simple to install over your license plate (s), taking less than 5 minutes.

When driving down the highway and pulling up behind a vehicle using Chameleon plates, the entire alphanumeric characters of the license plate can easily be viewed, so cruisers have no difficulty seeing the license plate numbers. However, when a road side mounted camera or an overhead mounted bridge camera attempts to photograph your license plate with the typical 30 degree angle from the roadside or overhead, the traffic camera can only see a white blur where the license plate numbers/letters are located. You sail off into the sunset, no "ticket in the mail", no points against your driving record, and no undesirable exclamations! Check the local laws to ensure license plate covers are acceptable.

The Chameleon is an inexpensive, restrained, but absolute solution for highway photo radar traps, and is available in U.S. lengths and some International license plate lengths. International shipments are packaged and shipped without the literature, so as to minimize Custom's issues. The Chameleon can also be installed with any radar / laser jamming system for a more complete highway protection

Some state & local law enforcement may ban devices, which obscures license plates. Buyer is responsible to know laws pertaining to Chameleon use.

The Chameleon MSRP: $69.99 Our Price: $39.95

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